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Lubbock man says he wants to set Farrah Fawcett record straight

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Lubbock man comes forward to say he was the true love interest of Farrah Fawcett.  Greg Lott came forward over the weekend in a British tabloid called "The Mail on Sunday"

Lott dated Fawcett even before Charlie's Angels and before she dated the long list of Hollywood lovers. No one disputes that Lott dated Fawcett in college during the 60's.  But now, he says they had been re-kindling that flame for the last 11 years.  He says he has photos and love letters to prove it.

During his interview with The Mail on Sunday, the sixty-three year old Lubbock man says he and Fawcett were "blind, crazy, in love"  He goes on say she was his best friend and inspiration.

"In the end her heart always came home to me and Texas," Lott told the British media outlet.

NewsChannel 11 covered Fawcett's visits to Lubbock, including a 2002 visit with Lott at the Vatican Exhibit.  However, back then Lott had said they were just business partners.

Lott also says Fawcett sent several love letters including one that starts, "Dearest Greg, Not a day goes by I don't think of you..."  In the same handwritten letter, she mentions counting down the days until a Mexican vacation between her and Lott.  Then she ends the letter by saying they will see each other soon and she loves him with all her heart.

The Mail On Sunday reports that a spokesperson for Fawcett's long time love Ryan O'neal says these stories of a love affair with Lott are false.

NewsChannel 11 went to Lott's home Monday, but no one was home.  An email has not yet been returned.

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