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Lubbock Panel Reacts to State of the Union Address

The President's goal with his State of the Union address was to clarify his administrations positions on a number of issues. So, did the President's address score additional public support for a possible War with Iraq, or did it leave Americans with more questions about the State of the Union?

NewsChannel 11 assembled a panel of Lubbock citizens to find out. They reacted to war, the economy and our basic freedoms and here's what they had to say.

"I would give the President an A+ on this. I think that his core supporters are going to be solidly behind him. The 40% who were not behind him, now will be behind him as a result of this. I think he spoke to Main Street, he spoke to Wall Street, he spoke to Washington and most importantly he spoke to the Iraqi generals," says U.S. Army retiree Ysidro Gutierrez.

"I thought Mr. Bush did what he had to do tonight. I thought that there were many Americans who still had doubts on our intentions of going to Iraq, and he had to convince the American people and the other leaders around the world why we have to do what he had planned. And I thought he was very Presidential in his address," says Jeremy Hudgeons, a Biologist with the USDA.

"I will be behind the President. As an American citizen I feel it's my duty to. But I still wish that we would look further into what exactly is going on in Iraq," said TTU student Kelly Terrill.

"I think President Bush and all of the Administration have done a good job in being very cautious in their statements, and doing a lot of research even before they decide to act one way or the other. And I think he answered a lot of the questions that the American people have about going to war. Naturally, nobody wants to go to war, but we have to support our country's decision, whatever it may be," says Michele Moskos with TTU Extended Studies.

"We have to trust the wisdom of President Bush and believe that God will continue to bless our country like President Bush said, because I think in the end good will always prevail," says TTU student Holly Kennedy.

"The President laid out a very clear case that the economy is not based solely upon government action. It's based on the faith of the American people. Because the economy is the American people the American people are the economy.  They're the driving force behind it. And I was pleased to see that he wants the taxpayers to keep more of their hard earned money," says Certified Public Accountant Scott Cherry.

"Things that I hear and see frighten me. Our Bill of Rights, I think, is at stake. A lot of important principals that our country was founded upon are at stake. When people want to read my e-mail I have a problem with that. That bothers me, because if I'm not truly free, then the people we liberate aren't truly free either," says Julia Veyro with the USDA.

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