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TABC to dismiss citizen protests

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission expects to start issuing alcohol permits in Lubbock within the next few days. That announcement came late Wednesday afternoon when TABC said it is dismissing all citizen protests concerning wet/dry status that are delaying alcohol sales in Lubbock.

At United Market Street at 50th Street and Indiana Avenue, they've already made changes in anticipation of alcohol sales.  Now, it looks like sales could be soon, but stores can't rule out more protests, and here's why.

TABC says people in Lubbock could still file an injunction in our local courts. That would stop TABC from issuing any permits until a local judge decides.  Don Workman, who filed a protest, tells NewsChannel 11 he doesn't intend to do anything else, but he doesn't know if others will.

Meanwhile, folks with Lubbock County Wins, the group supporting alcohol sales say they're excited.  "We're really excited about this. This is good news. We've been working since late last year to get the vote passed, and it passed in May. The county was declared wet, and now I hope that we can just get down to business like we should have back in May," Melissa Pierce said. 

"Well, I'm disappointed. I guess that's why a lot of attorneys, lot of courts, different people read the law differently. I have a lot of confidence in the liquor board control people, but I do think they're wrong," Workman said. 

Wednesday's decision comes after the TABC announced the legislature's intent was for local communities to determine wet-dry status, and it was not their intent to have the TABC second-guess or overturn wet-dry determinations by cities or counties.  Their policy will now be changed to reflect that.

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NewsChannel 11 obtains copies of alcohol protests

NewsChannel 11 broke the story that alcohol sales inside Lubbock city limits could be delayed by two protests. We can now show you the protest documents from an open records request.

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