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Gov. Perry in Lubbock campaigning and fundraising for 2010

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The countdown to the March primary for the Texas governor's seat has begun. Wednesday marked Governor Rick Perry's first visit to Lubbock since his opponent Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced her bid for his seat.

After arriving about 40 minutes late Gov. Perry was greeted by cheers and chants from children and adults at his campaign event. Some were holding 2010 signs, and all were anxious to hear what he had to say.

Gov. Rick Perry stopped at the coffee shop area in the Market Street at 50th and Indiana shortly after 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. Nearly 200 people waited to show their support for Perry who wants to stay Texas governor for a third term.

"People are going to decide by virtue of the policies we put in place. I've always been a believer in public policy makes good politics," says Perry. But Perry has some competition. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison announced earlier this month she wanted to be the republican on the 2010 gubernatorial ballot.

"I'll be real honest. I'm not sure there is a campaign yet until folks filed and paid money and their name is on the line. There's a lot of saying I'm gunna, I'm gunna but until the filing deadline I just stay focused on trying to run the best state in the nation," adds Perry about his upcoming campaign.

Lubbock County Republican Party Chair Chris Winn says the race is a good thing for Lubbock.

"We're excited that West Texas and Lubbock in particular is an important arena for discussion of the campaign," says Winn.

On Perry's Lubbock agenda, economic policy, healthcare and state's rights all important issues to Perry supporter and mother of five Susan McCartney. "I strongly believe we need to stand on state's rights and not allow the federal government to dictate what we do in education and healthcare," says McCartney.  

Governor Perry spoke to the area association of health insurance underwriters and attended a fundraising event before traveling back to Austin.

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Gov. Perry stops in Lubbock, rallies support for 2010 nomination Video included

The race is on for the republican nomination for the 2010 governor's seat. Governor Rick Perry was in Lubbock Wednesday rallying his supporters.
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