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HealthWise at 5 From 1.29

  • NASA Bio-Sense

NASA technology that helps astronauts jettison motion sickness is coming down to earth for the rest of us. Former shuttle astronaut, Dr. Mae Jemison and a Houston company are making autogenic feedback training exercise, or AFTE, available to the public. The AFTE system uses a sensor-outfitted garment and wrist device to measure breathing and body functions. With training, users learn to control their body responses and in turn learn to manage their motion sickness. AFTE is being explored as a non-drug treatment for migraines, chronic pain and other disorders.

  • Doctor Mistakes

'To err is human' but a lab error or some medical mistake can lead to a terrible outcome. That's why Dr. Mark Novick is like most doctors who agree the best way for patients to prevent mistakes is to get a second opinion, especially if a doctor recommends surgery or some other invasive procedure.

"I feel that patients should be skeptical of the physician provider who is reluctant to advise the patient to get a second opinion, or who expresses some arrogance concerning the request for a second opinion," says Dr. Novick.

In addition to getting a second opinion Dr. Novick says it's important to ask questions. Make sure your doctor explains your diagnosis and treatment options. Be sure to keep a list of all your medications and any copies of your test results because he says if we're better organized as patients we can help reduce other people's errors.

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