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Parents want Obama speech to stay away from politics

By Ann Wyatt Little - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Local school districts say they will not air President Obama's school speech live on Tuesday because they want to hear what the President says before showing it to students. News of the speech flooded local school districts with calls from some concerned parents.      

Some parents NewsChannel 11 spoke to Thursday say they don't really know much about the President's upcoming school speech. According to the Department of Education website the President's speech is described as a challenge to students to work hard, set educational goals and try to meet them.

"I was wondering what he was going to say because I haven't heard much about it," says Vicki Wilson. That was her immediate reaction when she heard the news of President Obama's school speech.  

"Now a days you have to have permission slips to just watch a movie I feel like Obama has skipped chain of command. If he were to do it right and people knew ahead of time," says Wilson.

The Frenship mom says the message of staying in school is a good one, but that's all she hopes she hears Tuesday.

"I've been trying to find what he's going to say and I can't really," says Coby Wilson.

Coby, an eighth grader at Frenship Middle School turned in a news article for a class assignment on the President's speech. "It's pretty amazing for someone of his stature would come down and talk to the little kids," he says. Coby won't see the President's speech at school. Frenship ISD isn't showing the speech and in a statement issued Thursday the district says they encourage parents who want to show it to do so at home.

Coby's mom says before showing it to her kids, she wants to see it first.

"It's like taking kids to a PG-13 movie you want to know what language is in it and what the scenes are and I think that's the same with Obama's speech," she says.

Nancy Sharp with LISD says the Department of Education invited schools across the country to participate but because they don't know what will be said the district decided not to show President Obama's address live. "Our plan is to capture the President's remarks and save them to DVD. Our curriculum folks will review and then we will develop some activities to go along that could be used," says Sharp.

Like LISD, Henderson says because of the uncertainty about what will be broadcast next Tuesday Cooper will record the speech and review it first. "Lubbock-Cooper will not air it live. If there are things our teachers and principals see that fits into the curriculum, then we'll certainly allow it," says Henderson about the district's plan.

Frenship ISD Public Relations Coordinator Linsae Snider issued this statement: "Frenship ISD has chosen to forego the viewing of the President's message during the school day. Frenship encourages those parents who would like their children to view the message to present it to their children at home."

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President Obama is set to make history by addressing the country's youngest citizens inside their classrooms via web cast next Tuesday. Some parents are calling the speech "controversial." NewsChannel 11's Ann Wyatt Little spoke with school administrators.
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