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Landing That First Ag Job After Graduation

Texas Tech is home to the second largest ag college in the state, and already, hundreds of undergraduates are looking for that first job before graduation in May. Texas Tech made job hunting less of a headache by putting more than 25 different companies under one roof.

For employers, Tech's ag expo is a way to find hundreds of job seekers in one place. For students, it's a chance to find the job of their dreams.

"A career fair like this is a really unique opportunity for students to kind of have a one stop shop, and it brings all employees together in one spot. We are able to do a lot of networking in one day, in one area," says Tim Wright with the Texas Tech Career Center.

More than 25 agribusinesses from around the country traveled to Lubbock helping future graduates get a head start finding a career in a competitive job market.

"I think in today's market it is a little more competitive for students to find jobs, but the jobs are out there," says Wright.

"I've been looking. I just haven't seen all the companies that are out there today, and today's been a good opportunity to see whose all around and what fields to go in," says Tech junior, Jared McGill.

Tech graduate Kenny Romero landed a job at Seaboard Farms, Inc. in Oklahoma before finishing school. He says his pro-active approach to job hunting made the difference when he received his animal science degree on a Saturday and went to work in the ag industry the following Monday.

"Try to find companies that are growing and moving so you have opportunities. You don't want to get into a company that's not going anywhere and it's a dead end," says Romero.

The ag expo helped hundreds of students in the college of ag land jobs and find internships. They're held once a semester. But Tim Wright with the career center says students should start their job searches early and take advantage of career fairs. And they can visit the career center on the Tech campus.

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