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Avoiding Static at the Pumps

Courtesy Plainview Daily Herald Courtesy Plainview Daily Herald

The cause of an explosion at a Plainview gas station has been confirmed and static electricity is the cause. The Plainview Daily Herald captures the scene just moments after the flames shot up. The driver of a black ford explorer put the gas nozzle in her tank, set it to fill up, and got back in her vehicle. Later, when she went back to the pump, static electricity sparked a blaze, that grew into a ball of fire.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident, but it is clear the danger is real. NewsChannel 11 has told you about similar situations at gas stations across Texas and the nation, but this one happening right here in Plainview really raises some eyebrows, so we want to remind you how to avoid any static issues at the pump.

Here are some ways you can avoid static electricity at the pump:

When you are pumping gas, if you get in your car because it's cold outside or to take care of your kids, your clothes against the seat can create static.

So when you get out, before you touch the nozzle touch something metal like the side of your car first, that'll break off any static. The static as you know can spark a fire and the vapor in the area can also ignite.

One other tip to note, if your filling up a gas can, don't fill it up in the back of your vehicle always put it on the ground.

Even if you think you've done it a hundred times, it only takes one time to be in a certain type of clothing that creates static.

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