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Lubbock's Looking For More Water

Lubbock city leaders are looking into the future. They want to make sure Lubbock has enough water to last us a long time, up to 100 years. Right now, Lubbock has supply to last 40 years and then after that, there are no guarantees, and that concerns city leaders.

Lubbock City Councilman Gary Boren wants to keep water flowing into Lubbock, but if Lake Meredith's water levels keep dropping, Boren says Lubbock needs to rely on more water from some place else. "We will look at every aspect of water including conservation to plan for the ample supply of water for the community for 75-100 years in front of us."

According to the Canadian River Authority, Lake Meredith is at 24% capacity. 80% of our water comes from Lake Meredith, the other 20% of our water comes from water wells in Bailey County, near Muleshoe.

In order to pull water from Lake Alan Henry, which is intended for future water supply, the city will need to lay pipeline from post to Lubbock and a pumping station to push the water up hill. That could cost the city $140 million or more to do that. "We're looking for ways to see if there's any infrastructure and water rights if possible and working through other water legislative involving Lake Alan Henry," says Boren.

These concerns were taken to the legislative session earlier this week. That's where councilman Boren found out every major city in Texas wants more water, so it's important for Lubbock to start now securing future water supply. Until Lubbock can secure the funding for the pipeline at Lake Alan Henry the city is thinking about selling the water to towns in need and then putting that money in a water fund.

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