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The Future of Healthcare in Post

It isn't official yet, but all signs are pointing to a locally run community health clinic in Post. Just seven days after being told that Covenant was pulling out of Post, town officials are confident that they can operate their own clinic, and Covenant officials are eager to help make that vision a reality.

"My feeling is Post needs to stand on its own two feet. My gut feeling is we open our own clinic," said Garza county Health Board Chairman Mike Travis.

"We're very sincere in the commitment. We want to help the Post community. We want to preserve health care here. We want to make sure there's continuity of service and we're willing to do about anything as reasonable to make that happen," said Covenant Official Jim Wurts.

So, what does that "willingness" mean exactly? To ease the blow, Covenant is offering to donate the bulk of medical supplies, drugs, and equipment that are already at the post clinic. Covenant will also release patient medical records so that the next center won't have to start from scratch. Finally, Covenant has offered to liberate any current employees, including doctors and nurses who wish to stay in Post and work for the new clinic.

The final vote on whether the town will go it alone or hire an outside firm to run things is expected to take place in the next two weeks.

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