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Lubbock Looks For Ways to Cut Back Gasoline Bill

If you spend a lot of money on gas a week, wouldn't you try to find the cheapest place in town to buy your gas? Well, the City of Lubbock is doing the same thing, except their not looking for cheap gas, they're looking for efficient cars so they can quit spending almost $2 million on gas a year.

It's quiet. Runs partially on electricity and gets 44 miles to the gallon. Compare that to a car that gets 18 miles to the gallon and you'll understand why the City of Lubbock is trying out the new hybrid vehicle. "So when you compare 45 to those cars, you can see a significant savings on gas," said Randy Ervin, Fleet Services Manager.

According to the city's figures, they go through an average of one-point five million gallons of gas per year. Now if it costs the $1.17 cents for a gallon of gas, then the city's paying almost $2 million in gas on a year. "The city is always looking for ways to save the tax payer money," said Ervin.

The hybrid car has two motors, one that's run by electricity and the other gasoline. It has a 12 gallon tank but only needs to be filled up every 500 miles. "We've had several department drive it as we made repairs on their vehicles and got positive feedback," Ervin said.

In May, the city's fleet department will have a performance report ready to give to the city council. Then, the city council will decide if they want to purchase any more of the hybrid cars. The city has said any hybrid vehicles it buys would be used for departments like Lubbock Power and Light and not as police cars.

Now here's a list of hybrid vehicles some auto makers are developing. Ford is making their Escape into a hybrid vehicle, Dodge is making a full size truck a hybrid, GMC is making a truck as well. Saturn will also make a hybrid car.

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