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HealthWise at 5 From 2.3

  • Robotic Fibroid Surgery

Nearly 180,000 women each year who need to have Uterine Fibroids removed end up having a Hysterectomy. A new surgical technique utilizing a robot is offering another option that preserves a woman's fertility. Doctors at the University of Michigan Health System are removing tumprs from the uterus using a robotic system controlled by the surgeon. The Myomectomy surgery is minimally invasive and focuses on removing fibroids while leaving the rest of the uterus unharmed. 

  • Effects of Pollution on our Bodies

A new study is shedding light on pollution that gets inside our bodies. Researchers from the non-profit group called "Environmental Working Group" screened the blood, urine and tissue of nine people for over 200 chemicals. Out of the 200, they found 167 different pollutants and pesticides in those folks, even though none was exposed to chemicals in the workplace. Among them are a variety of compounds that have been linked to the development of cancer, birth defects, and conditions involving the brain, nervous system, lungs, skin and liver. Lead and mercury were also found in all of them. Researchers say these findings highlight the need for more study of how the toxins we carry in our bodies may contribute to whatever diseases we develop.

  • Robotic Dog Serves as Companionship for Elderly

The bark of a metallic dog might not sound like much of a greeting, but senior citizens are finding a robo-pooch to be the perfet pal. Aibo which means "pal" in Japanese, is a lapdog-sized robotic pet. Gerontology researchers at Purdue University are discovering how senior citizens who live alone relate to Aibo. Thus far, the metallic canine has offered companionship and interaction and doesn't demand the daily pet care that a real dog would need. In the future, the robotic dogs will offer health assistance to their companionships, like recording blood pressure readings.

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