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Read Ty Cooke's Press Release Regarding His Resignation

January 31, 2003

Councilman Ty Cooke resigns City Council seat

I have notified the City Manager and City Attorney that I am resigning from the Lubbock City Council, effective today. I am grateful to the voters of District 6 for allowing me to represent them for the past ten and one-half years.

Over the past several months, a series of changes have taken place in my family. Included among these are the passing of my Mother and the return of my son and daughter-in-law to Lubbock. These events have caused Judy and me to reevaluate our priorities, and have brought me to the decision that it is time to step aside and allow someone else the opportunity to serve as City Councilman.

It has been my privilege to work with many fine elected officials and city staff during this decade of growth and change in the City. Among the work I'm most proud of is the strong growth of Lubbock Power & Light, our work in Austin to protect the interests of the citizens of Lubbock and the South Plains with respect to electric deregulation, and the excellent jet service we have at Lubbock International Airport. The creation of Market Lubbock, Inc. and its ongoing successes in attracting and retaining jobs locally is a critical reason that Lubbock has not suffered as much as many Texas cities during this economic downturn. These successes are just a few good examples of what can be accomplished when our community works together.

It is my intent to remain as Chairman of the West Texas Municipal Power Agency Board until such time that the Lubbock City Council decides if, and how they want to continue participation in this agency.

Finally, I want to thank my family for their constant support and involvement in my work with the City.

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