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Local woman to be recognized for saving dog's life

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - You hear it often, a dog is man's best friend. But just what would you do if your pet was in danger? It takes a special kind of breed to think fast, act quick, and apply life saving methods. For one local woman, it was those things she learned from Red Cross that helped save her dog's life.

There is no doubt retired South Plains College professor Pamela Burnett is a devoted dog lover. "I have four dogs. I would have more if the city would let me. I love dogs," said Burnett. Her unconditional love for animals is what drives her to rescue dogs whenever possible, which is just how she and Sugar Mae met.

Last October Burnett found the drenched white haired dog wandering around in a terrible rain storm. Without a second thought Burnett swiftly scooped up Sugar Mae and took her home. But that was only the first time she saved the pup's life.

A couple of months later, Burnett recalls going to bed early only to be woken up by screams calling for her help. "I could tell they were panicked. I could hear them saying Sugars choking. She was trying to cough but no noise was coming out," said Burnett. That's when she said Sugar collapsed and went limp.

Quickly Burnett's instincts from teaching first aid at the Red Cross for 30 years kicked in. "I gave her some back blows, but that didn't help," said Burnett. That's when she flipped Sugar Mae over and reached in with her hand and pulled out the lodged leather dog chew.

Thanks to Burnett and her first aid training, Sugar Mae's life was saved along with her five puppies she just had a few days before. Sugar Mae now lives with her sister Karen in Little Rock. Because of her quick thinking and natural impulse to do whatever it took to save her dog's life, Burnett is one of six who will be recognized at the Red Cross Champion's Breakfast.

The Red Cross Champions Breakfast is 7:30 a.m. on Friday, September 11th, 2009 at the brand new Overton Hotel and Conference Center.  Proceeds benefit disaster relief in the Lubbock area. For more information Click here or contact Robin Raney at (806) 765-8534, email champions@arclubbock.org.

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