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Reaction to the President's School Speech

By Katie Bauer - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - On Tuesday at school many students nationwide will be tuning in for a special message by President Barack Obama.

"I think it's pretty good," said Robert Arrendondo after reading the speech. 

The transcript was released to the public on Monday after a lot of concerns surfaced that the President was going to push a political message.

Local school districts will not air the speech live but a recorded version will be available for teachers to use.

"I think they should, I read it and it's got a good message, said Arrendondo.

Francisco Reyes wanted to make sure there wasn't a political message before his two grade school sons heard the speech.

"I feel pretty good now, I hope he just does the right thing by going out there and talking to the students and not put other stuff in their head that's not suppose to be there," said Reyes.  

Throughout the President's school address he encourages students to stay in school, set high standards, and not to give up on their dreams.

In the speech it states "Every single one of you has something you're good at. Every single one of you has something to offer. And you have responsibility to yourself to discover what that is. That's the opportunity an education can provide."

Only one section raised an eyebrow for Judy Horvith.

"When he talks about quitting school that quitting school might mean quitting your country so I think some people might construe that as a bit far-fetched," said Horvith.  

But overall a message that she believes should be heard.

"It's a kind of inspirational message that I think needs to get to young kids, and older kids, and college kids, I think its inspirational for me and I have a PhD and I still find it inspirational," said Horvith.

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