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A Day in the Life of a Lubbock Policeman

Within minutes, Lubbock Police Officer Scott Weems will change two men's lives. "Maybe they'll wind up in prison or at least do some time in state jail," he says. For one month, police have staked out a West Lubbock mobile home and today, "We're going to see if we can locate some possible vehicle burglar suspects and theft suspects."

The man who answers the door tells Officer Williams that he's home alone. Once Weems runs a background check, he has all the information he needs to arrest him. Moments later, they find another man in the house. "You got possible warrants out for your arrest, you got warrants out for your arrest," says Officer Weems.

After the proper paperwork is complete, the search is on. Police find drugs, several car radios, a newspaper stand coin machine, even a few items reported stolen. "Basically we went in, made our arrests, and got consent to search the trailer for stolen property, recovered some narcotics and some possible stolen merchandise from some of these vehicle burglaries," says Officer Weems.

Weems says it's all in a days work. "Anytime we can get some known car burglars and auto car thieves off the streets it's just a plus. It helps the community out," he says.

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