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Tech Choral Director Remembers Rick Husband

Rick Husband was a member of Tech's University Choir and last Spring, in preparation for their summer mission, he contacted the current Director of Music, John Dickson requesting a CD of the choir to take with him into space. The summer mission was postponed, and in the time since Dickson had the opportunity to meet Husband in person.

"Very impressive, obviously anybody at that level all of those astronauts are incredible people, very well rounded but Rick struck me as a very complete person, he talked about his relationship with their church in Houston, he seemed to have a very strong faith and even spoke of that as we discussed commonalties and backgrounds he talked a lot about the arts and from a science and engineering person background how significant music was in his life," John Dickson said.

John Dickson kept in contact with Rick Husband throughout the year, he even got the opportunity to communicate with him via email while he was in space.

"On Wednesday of this week I received an email back from Rick with a subject that said 'Howdy from Space,' and it was short it was just a nice note to say that he was listening to the Tech Choir cd that day in the shuttle while he was exercising and he thought it was great. And we were looking toward some plans to come to campus and make a presentation to the choir", Dickson said.

Dickson considers himself an acquaintance of legend Rick Husband and refers to the explosion as a terrible loss.

"Obviously devastating, we know space exploration is dangerous but we don't really think about it until another tragedy happens. We we're in choir retreat with the Tech Choir when one of the singers came in and said turn on the television, the choir is obviously devastated not only because of the national tragedy but also because we had a very small part of a relationship with someone who was in space, so I think its a tremendous loss. At our concert March 7th, were going to perform this piece we prepared for him and its this fascinating setting about Leonardo Divinci and his dream of a flying machine and as the choir sings as if the music takes off in flight and we certainly want to dedicate that to him and perhaps at some point meet the family or have them come as a tribute", Dickson said.

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