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Rep. Neugebauer disappointed with President Obama's health care speech

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - NewsChannel 11 has reaction from President Obama's speech on health care Wednesday night from a man who was there. District 19 Congressman Randy Neugebauer was at the meeting on Capitol Hill and says he was disappointed in the President's message.

"I was hoping to hear the president say ‘evidently we don't have this right. We've heard from the American people, let's hit the pause button here, let's try to find a way to work, a slower methodical bipartisan way to fix the prices of healthcare that's broken instead of trying to get a brand new car," says the Neugebauer.  

He thinks the answer to the healthcare problem is to make it available and affordable to everyone and to get back to basics. "What needs to happen is we need to quit talking and start doing. I think we've talked enough about this and go back to committee process and the normal legislative process begin to take these (bills) and break them down to smaller chunks to where we all agree, get them passed, and get them implemented," adds the Congressman.

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