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Woman regains sight after surgeons put a tooth in her eye

Source: Bascom Palmor Eye Institute Source: Bascom Palmor Eye Institute

By Kristin Beerman | email

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Doctors at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami have made headway in the United States by performing a very rare unconventional eye surgery.  Nine years ago, a rare skin condition called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome blinded a Mississippi woman.   Since then, she hasn't been able to drive, read or see her grandchildren, until now.  For the first time in this country doctors used a tooth to anchor a prosthetic lens in a blind person's eye, restoring vision.  It's a complicated procedure involving extracting one of her teeth, drilling a hole through it and then inserting a lens through the hole, kind of like a telescope.  Just two weeks after the surgery, the Mississippian was already reading newsprint. 

"Walk around your house and pretend you're blind for one week.  It's amazing when you open your eyes back up," said Kay Thornton, patient.

The surgery has only been done a handful of times in Europe and Asia.  Good candidates for this surgery include those who've suffered corneal trauma, from chemical injuries, burns or disorders, like Stevens-Johnson Syndrome.

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