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Texas education board meets to discuss decade old social studies curriculum

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - What kids across the state learn in social studies class could be changing and it is causing some controversy. The Texas State Board of Education met in Austin Thursday for the first round of hearings on the proposed changes to the state's curriculum.

The process that started Thursday is just the beginning of what will set the classroom agenda for teachers for the next decade. The social studies curriculum was last overhauled in 1998 and since then many world events have taken place including 9-11, two wars and two presidents who are not on the pages of Texas history books.

The Texas State Board of Education is charged with developing the skeleton for what students learn. Both conservatives and liberals say the other is attempting to re-write history. Some of the proposed changes include describing the US form of government as a republic instead of a democracy and adding Rush Limbaugh and the NRA as a significant conservative figure and organization.

One person who hopes to see students in his class room is Texas Tech University History Professor Dr. Ron Milam who says what happened, happened, and the focus should be the facts. "If you're trying to paint a lens of equal objectivity - to use politics as a measuring tool is not the way to do it," says Professor Milam.

Board members will formally vote in January to accept changes. Once they are adopted they will govern what is taught in history, government and other social studies classes for at least ten years. Changes won't take place until 2011-2012 school year.

Tonight at ten NewsChannel 11 takes a closer look at the debate and hears from Bob Craig, a Lubbockite who serves on the Texas State Board of Education who is in Austin for the hearings.

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