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Viewer Response to Consider This on Lubbock County Mess

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This time I have to agree with you on the commissioners mess. If memory serves me right they were going to hold the line on taxes and not give employees raises. After all of the employee grumbled they got their raises and my taxes went up. Just one question, where is MY raise? I have not received one in years as I struggle to hang on to a job yet the county thinks I have more than I need and I must give them more. Also, why do the commissioners get paid at all? These positions used to be more of a public service job. Heck all of the commissioners have their own companies or work in a well paying job. They make more with their commissioner's salary than me and my wife put together. They don't need the extra pay, think of how much that would save us. And they have the nerve to tell us the tax hike is not a tax increase. "A rose by any other name is still a rose." And this smells like crap. and while we're on this subject, why do city council members get paid? This also should be public service jobs.

As far as the medical examiner, if the office was run correctly and they begin doing business for other areas of the state like they have in the past it could be a profitable venture.It takes a lot of money  to stay state of the art for accuracy and speed. But I know with these yahoos we have as commissioners, they won't know how to take advantage of a good thing. We might even be able to allow local schools to use the lab for their classes for a modest fee.

Just MY two cents worth.

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I guess Obama and Pelosi arent just in Washington. Sounds a lot like Lubbock City council huh

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i was totally against the new jail to begin with because i knew our taxes would go up. so after your comment last night what can we do now? shall we wait until voting time comes around to make our voice be heard? thank you for your comments i always look forward to listening to what you have to say. thank you for keeping us informed. i was shocked to here about what rick perry did. now i will really pray and be very careful who i vote for thank you and GOD bless you.

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I agree with you 110%  I think it is time that our elected official are held accountable for their actions.  When you get a bid to do work on something, what does that mean?  That we will sit here and keep throwing money at it until some ones brother-in-laws company has made as much as they can off the county or city.

I don't know how, but people like this (elected officials) need recalling and replaced as soon as possible.

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I completely agree with everything you said.  I think the appointment of Kelly Rowe was stupid to say the least.  There were other candidates that were much more qualified than he was.  The commisioners said that his leadership in the jail project was an advantage...... What leadership?????? It's over budget and over deadline.  If I showed that "leadership" in my job, I would be leading the unemployment line.  Lubbock county needs to wake up.

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Perhaps you should check further into the reason(s) for the delays. Then I would think you would have much better information to consider.

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I agree 100%. I think the commissioners should take a pay cut, starting with Mr. McCay who voted to give himself a raise shortly after he took office. It seem that he is the commissioner that is most often presented on the news, I wonder why!!!

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Now, You hit it with "if this were a business"  Why is this anything else? 

Have they consitered.

1. construction deadline penalties.
2. sticking to the bottom line.
3. who, if anybody, has relatives as contracting beneficiares.
4. turning the project over to a third party for completion
5. making the progress and completion very transparent so responsibility can fall on the correct parties.

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I agree with your assessment, however, our city is in a close race with the county when it comes to the citizens' best interests.  I own a small business and use no water other than the bathroom faucet and toilet.  My water bill last month was just over $100.00.  Now the city has decided to raise it yet again via the storm water fee.  County and City fees and taxes are making Lubbock not so attraction anymore

Lifelong Lubbock resident, but considering a move

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Dan, I could not agree more.  When consider this segment began last night, I really thought I was going to witness Dan Jackson whining about the county commissioners appointment.  But while listening to you, (and I have no preconceived notions on any of these canidates) I realized what you had to say was spot on.

No matter what our public figures do in office, there will be disagreement from somewhere.  But my goodness, appoint the man who, according to Bill McKay "knows this budget inside and out", and surely knows of the over budget and deadline extension, and the dollars it is costing Lubbock county tax payers?  I am guessing that his previous employment made him responsible for a lot of this mess.  Come on Lubbock.  We are better than this.

I appreciate your open, honest assessment, and if it is perceived as whining by some citizens, well let it be.  I am glad that someone has the nerve to voice a differing opinion.

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I agree entirely with your editorial regarding the mess at the County, but I also understand that one of the interviewees for the position of sheriff presented metrics showing that the County is actually losing money by taking in prisoners from other counties and regions under the auspices of a program that was supposed to make a profit for the County. Maybe your investigative reporting staff can delve into that for us. The public certainly has a right to know!  

Consider This... Lubbock County Mess
NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson's thoughts on the Lubbock County Commissioner's choice for sheriff and subsequent tax rate hike.

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