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Texas Tech Prepares to Trim Budget

NewsChannel 11 sat down with Tech's Chief Financial Officer, Jim Brunjes on Wednesday to talk about money. Brunjes says the budget cuts will affect everything from class sizes to future job positions. For now, Texas Tech is focusing on a couple of things. Brunjes says no one will be laid off, but he says vacancies will be carefully evaluated.

International and out-of-state travel on state funds will be eliminated. Although construction on campus is funded through a separate budget, Tech officials will consider delaying some projects to save some money. Brunjes also says that to trim down the budget they may have larger class sizes to limit the number of buildings being used. Students may also be surprised to see who's teaching their class. "There is a possibility though that some classes that might have been able to afford a professor before. Now will have to be taught by a TA (Teaching Assistant)," he says.

Brunjes says together the university and the Health Sciences Center will cut $13.7 million. Although they were ordered to cut only 7% of their budget they may end up cutting double that amount. That's because state agencies are already in the second half of the fiscal year and they've already spent a lot of money.

Texas Tech will fax their plans to Austin on Thursday (2.6). NewsChannel 11 spoke with other state agencies including TXDOT and DPS. They tell us they're busy getting their proposals ready and they plan to make the deadline tomorrow as well.

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