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The Makin Bacon: Does It Work?

There's nothing like the smell of cooked bacon in the morning. Most people use a microwave to cook the bacon and you know, you usually have to let it drip to get the grease off before you put in on the plate. Sometimes you even have to put it on a napkin to let the excess grease soak off of it.

But you don't have to let bacon drip any longer! An 8-year-old girl named Abbey invented a product called the 'Makin Bacon'. The product says that with it, you can cook bacon better above the fat, not in it.

The Makin Bacon is easy to set up. You can cook up to 12 pieces using the Makin Bacon tray. Twelve pieces later we had all the bacon in place and ready to cook in the microwave.

While I cooked the bacon in the microwave, I prepared a plate of bacon to cook in the microwave as well. After five minutes, the microwave buzzer sounded. But the bacon wasn't cooked, so I put it in there for five more minutes. Five more minutes went by, and the bacon was ready. Not burned at all, just right. Immediately, I noticed all the fat had dripped to the bottom of the tray. But you have to be careful of the hot grease.

So, I set it down to let it cool off. While that was cooling off, I put a plate of bacon in the microwave. I wanted to see how the Makin Bacon was different than using a regular dish.

Meanwhile, I removed the pieces of bacon off the Makin Bacon tiers. The bacon strips were folded, since it was cooked folded. But none of the pieces appeared to be really greasy. That's because the makers claim the fat drips off while it's cooking.

Boy did the grease ever drip off. I was able to fill a small Styrofoam cup!

Finally, I checked on the plate of bacon to see how well it cooked. Sure enough, the bacon was swimming in its own grease. So, does the Makin Bacon live up to it's claim? Yes, it works!

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