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South Lubbock residents questioning multi-million dollar drainage project

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Some residents of a South Lubbock neighborhood are frustrated, after a street flooded just days after the completion of the multi-million dollar South Lubbock Drainage Project.

"Whatever system it is it's not working," said Cheryl Doles.

Doles and other residents near 93rd Street and Miami Avenue are fed up with flooding in their streets. "Every time we get any bit of rain, it stands right there in that spot and its deep," said Mark Stewart, another resident.   

Residents thought their problems were solved after the last phase of the South Lubbock Drainage Project was complete just. The ribbon cutting was held in their neighborhood at Charles Guy Park less than two weeks ago.

"The flooding is actually worse than it was before it started," said Stewart.   

"I speculate whether you know the job that was done was maybe not done efficiently," said Doles.

But Lubbock's Director of Public Works Marsha Reed says the reason for the street flooding has nothing to do with the South Lubbock Drainage Project at all. "Their specific purpose of keeping the lake levels down between rain events is to minimize flooding," said Reed.

Drivers in the area had to avoid large bodies of water that were flooding the road.  In response to the flooding, Reed says, "That particular storm sewer that goes from 93rd and Miami down to the lake that we are aware of, we've run our video cameras down through there and that pipe is crushed."

Reed says the pipe was crushed because of expanding tree roots. She says they have been aware of this problem, but were waiting to fix it until the major drainage project was complete. "Because that has an impact of flooding homes, this has an impact on folks driving and they get their cars wet and we realize that but the significance between your car getting wet versus water in your home is much different," said Reed.

But some south Lubbock residents say that they are still skeptical. "We've had problems continually, and we've never had the problems until they actually did this project," said Stewart.

"Isn't it strange that the pool of water is exactly at the location that they put in the drainage system? That's interesting," said Doles.

Reed tells NewsChannel 11 that they hope to have the crushed pipe fixed in the next two to three months.  She says that particular project's estimated cost to be under $10,000.

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