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Former prison inmates sues Lubbock attorney over lawyer fees

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A Texas man exonerated by DNA evidence is now suing his Lubbock-based civil attorney.  Kevin Glasheen has worked on behalf of many wrongfully convicted Texas men.   He also successfully lobbied the legislature to increase compensation for those who have been wrongfully accused.

But now, one such wrongfully convicted man, Steven Phillips is suing Glasheen.   He says Glasheen's $1 million fee is too much for securing a financial settlement with the state.   Phillips was falsely accused of rape and robbery and it cost him 25 years in prison.  He says Glasheen deserves a lot of credit, but not $1 million dollars.

* Correction: reported that Glasheen helped "get him [Phillips] out of prison" and secure a financial settlement.  Glasheen was not involved with Phillips' exoneration.

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