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Customers excited to see packaged alcohol on store shelves

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Voters spoke loud and clear four months ago in the alcohol election overwhelmingly in support of packaged alcohol sales inside city limits. Wednesday voters saw the results of their May 9th vote. TABC issued permits and licenses to nearly 90 stores across town and they wasted no time stocking shelves making Lubbock history.

After four months of delays between the zoning lawsuit and protests filed with TABC, many shoppers say they didn't know when they would actually see packaged alcohol on store shelves. Shoppers NewsChannel 11 spoke with, say it's the convenience they are most excited about.

Eighty-six new permits were issued to liquor stores, convenience markets and grocery stores across Lubbock County and stores started stocking their shelves. Many shoppers wanted to be a part of Lubbock history. Guy Andrews says it's about time and picked up a six pack before the beer made it to the shelf. "It's about time. I'm not a big drinker but it is good to have one every once in a while," says Andrews.

"Definitely a momentous day. We used to live near the strip and it never bothered us then we moved into town and it was like that's a long way to the strip now it's nice to have it here," says shopper Lorraine Chisolm as she walked out of Market Street at 50th and Indiana with beer.

"I wasn't sure if they would actually put it on shelves today, but when I saw it - amazing," says shopper Clayton Cobb.

"It was nice to be able to go into the store and get your little drinks and don't have to run half way around the city to get your alcohol," says Betty Edwards as she walked to her car with wine coolers.

"It's strange my whole life Lubbock has been dry. I'm not used to seeing it. Most counties are wet and I'm glad we are keeping up with the times," says 21-year-old Jessica Isett.

Melissa Pierce proudly displayed her receipt proof of Lubbock County Wins' efforts to make this day happen. "We've been working for this for over a year and to be able to buy your hamburger meat and your beer at the same time is exciting," says Pierce.

NewsChannel 11 rode along with local distributor Wednesday morning and they say along with store owners that it will take time to fully stock store shelves.

Click here for the stores that have permits.  

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Packaged alcohol on store shelves, happy customers Video included

People are buying packaged alcohol inside city limits for the first time in Lubbock history. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission issued 86 licenses and permits for stores across the city Wednesday and many wasted no time stocking their shelves.

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