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Military Calls On Lubbock Criminal District Attorney To Serve

Lubbock County's Criminal District Attorney, Bill Sowder, is moving from handling cases on the local level to the national level. Sowder has been called to serve active duty and provide legal assistance to the U.S. Military. Lubbock County's own Criminal District Attorney has been called to active duty.

Bill Sowder is on his way to Fort Hood, where he could serve with the Army Reserves for as long as a year. He and more than a dozen other attorneys will replace Active Duty Fort Hood soldiers sent oversees to aid in the conflict with Iraq. Sowder will help provide legal assistance to other soldiers brought into active military service.

"He's got mixed feelings as far as leaving his family and having his wife raise three kids by herself, that is a tough duty. Leaving the office is a secondary factor. He's go mixed emotions about that but I think what kicks in too, is his honor and his loyalty to his country, and I think he is proud to do that," said First Assistant District Attorney, Matt Powell.

Matt Powell will serve as acting Criminal District Attorney until Sowder returns.

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