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Relieving Aches Can be a Real Pain in the Rear

For many people chronic pain, can be a real pain in the rear, literally. It's a condition called Coccygodynia and it's a pain in the tailbone caused by misalignment of the tip of the spine. Sports injuries, childbirth, and even amusement park rides can push the tailbone out of whack causing excruciating pain.

"What happens with Coccygodynia is that with a trauma, that angle increases and the tailbone flexes or bends too far forward. By going very far forward that causes this vague pain which is felt in the whole buttock area and low back area," says Robert Gotlin, D.O., Beth Israel Medical Center, New York.

Pain killers and anti-inflammatories give some relief but Dr. Gotlin says directly manuevering the tailbone back into the correct position relieves pain. It's a simple procedure your doctor can do during a rectal exam. Although it may take several treatments before the tailbone is in proper position. At any rate, if this pain in the you know what sounds familiar to you, why suffer? Check with your doctor to see if you can get your tailbone readjusted.

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