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Staying Warm Causes Lubbock Family To Lose Home

Thursday night's freezing temperatures caused one Lubbock family to make a decision that ended up costing them their home.

Fire Marshall Garrett Nelson says the family left three stove top burners on to heat their home, and that started a fire. It started around eleven o'clock at 807 48th Street. When firefighters arrived smoke was pouring out of the house and a mother and her four children, were standing in the front yard. Fortunately, no one was injured.

But Nelson says it's never a good idea to use anything but a heater to stay warm. "When you have an open flame such as a gas cook top being use as a heating device you've got carbon monoxide being pumped into the home, it's not vented properly. It's an open flame sitting there just waiting to catch something on fire and it happens every year in that situation." said Nelson.

Right now, the family will stay with friends.

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