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Lubbock International Airport Prepares for Heightened Alert

Lubbock International Airport will make two big changes that you'll notice. When you arrive at LIA, right before you enter the shot term parking lot is where you saw all the vehicle inspections. If you have been at the airport lately, they quit doing it. But that all will change soon.

"Under threat level yellow, the Department of Homeland Security notified us when they first put it into place. They started defining threat levels about a month ago, that the vehicle inspectors would fall under orange. When they indicated we were under yellow, to discontinue inspections," said LIA Director, Mark Earle.

Another change: more police patrolling the front of the airport.

Also, "from the airlines perspective, there's things they do behind the scenes you don't see," said Earle.

The Transportation Security Administration will continue to screen all baggage and perform more random searches on people.

Hospitals, The Department of Public Safety, the city, county, and FBI are aware of the national heightened alert. They told NewsChannel 11, they do have systems in place, ready to go, just in case something does happen on the South Plains

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