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Transcript of January 27th Empire Airlines plane crash in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - What follows is the NTSB official transcript from the CVR or Cockpit Voice Recorder inside Empire flight 8284 which crashed short of the runway at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport January 27, 2009.


CVR Transcript:

04:34:01   RDO-1:  Empire eighty two eighty four is uh checkin' in nine out on the localizer inbound.

04:34:06   TWR:     Empire eighty two eighty four Lubbock Tower runway one seven right clear to land.  winds zero one zero at eight.

04:34:11   RDO-1:  roger clear to land.

04:34:14   HOT-2:  alright...go.

04:34:24   HOT-2:  flaps fifteen gear down landing check.

04:34:29   CAM:     [sound similar to landing gear deployment]

04:34:33   HOT-1:  alright awww landing check.  start selector is continuous relight.  power management is in takeoff.  icing AOA is on landing gear confirmed three green.

04:34:43   HOT-2:  glideslope star.

04:34:48   HOT-2:  confirmed.

04:34:48   HOT-1:  uh let's see we should have glideslope star.

04:34:52   HOT-1:  very good...and flaps condition levers to go.

04:34:58   HOT:      [sound similar to altitude alert]

04:35:03   HOT-2:  what the heck is going on?

04:35:04   HOT-1:  you know what?  we have no flaps.

04:35:08   HOT-2:  aw #.

04:35:10   LB:         [sound similar to outer marker]

04:35:22   TAWS:   one thousand.

04:35:23   HOT-2:  okay.

04:35:28   HOT-1:  what the hell?

04:35:30   HOT:      [sound similar to stall warning and stickshaker lasting 1.1 seconds]

04:35:31   HOT-2:  aw #.

04:35:31   HOT-1:  yeah don't do that.

04:35:32   CAM:     [sound similar to stall warning lasting 0.3 seconds]

04:35:34   HOT-2:  alright.

04:35:36   HOT-1:  just keep flying the airplane.  okay.

04:35:40   HOT-2:  should I go around?

04:35:41   HOT-1:  no.

04:35:41   TWR:     winds zero one zero at eight.

04:35:43   HOT-1:  keep descending.

04:35:44   HOT-2:  we're getting pretty close here.  [straining]

04:35:45   HOT-1:  what's that?  you want me to finish it?

04:35:47   HOT-2:  yes please.

04:35:48   HOT-1:  okay my airplane.

04:35:49   HOT-2:  your controls.

04:35:50   HOT-?:  [sound of heavy breathing]

04:35:52   HOT-2:  alright you got power.

04:35:53   HOT:      [sound similar to altitude alert]

04:35:58   TAWS:   five hundred.

04:36:00   HOT-1:  aw #.

04:36:00   HOT:      [sound similar to stall warning and stickshaker lasting 0.9 seconds]

04:36:00   TAWS:   pull up.  pull up.

04:36:02   HOT-1:  okay.

04:36:04   HOT-2:  there's the runway.

04:36:17   HOT-1:  max RPM.

04:36:17   HOT-2:  max RPM.

04:36:19   CAM:     [sound similar to RPM increase]

04:36:19   HOT:      [sound similar to stall warning and stickshaker lasting 0.5 seconds]

04:36:20   HOT:      [sound similar to stall warning and stickshaker lasting 5.4 seconds]

04:36:22   HOT-2:  oh #.

04:36:25   HOT-1:  #.

04:36:25   HOT-2:  #. [straining]

04:36:27   CAM:     [sound of impact]

04:36:28   CAM:     [sound of grinding and scraping]

04:36:32   CAM:     [sound of continuous repetitive chime continues until end of recording]

04:36:43   CAM:     [sound similar to occupants moving around in cockpit]

04:36:45   HOT-1:  get out of the airplane.  get out of the airplane.

04:36:48   CAM:     [sound of scraping stops]

04:36:52   CAM-1:  go out the- go out the hatch.

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NTSB Investigators To Determine Cause Of Crash

Federal investigators will determine if Tuesday's icy weather contributed to a FedEx cargo plane crash early Tuesday morning at Lubbock Preston-Smith International Airport.

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