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Growth at TTU Means More Dorms

It's a time for growth at Texas Tech University. NewsChannel 11 has told you that they've experienced the highest enrollment numbers ever these last few semesters, which is good for the university and for Lubbock. But with the growth comes some growing pains, and one of the issues they're battling is where to put all students.

Enrollment is at an all-time high at Texas Tech University, and the number of students with college plans across Texas is also on the rise. But does Tech have enough beds to house the future load? As it is, when school starts, Tech has a number of overflow students they put up in study lounges until everyone is accounted for, and they can be absorbed into the residence halls, and so far, they've had enough room for everyone.

"We know that the market and the number of students coming to Tech that we probably need to build about 1,200 new beds for TTU over the next 7 to 10 years to meet the demand of students coming to Tech," Sean Duggan, Director of Housing and Residence Life said.

He also says that's the long term plan, but short term they have a solution.

"When the demand has not been as high, we've been able to offer more single rooms to students that desire more privacy and more space in the residence halls, but with the higher demand of students wanting to come to campus, we have to balance the needs of the many versus the few so we're looking to maximize the use of our facilities to utilize all of the beds we have on campus to house students coming to Texas Tech," Duggan said.

Tech has 17 residence facilities on campus with a total of 6,700 beds. This past fall, 450 students took advantage of a single room, but this coming fall, they will only offer about 150, opening up another 300 beds.

"You know it's perceived as a problem, but I think it's just indicative of the great things going on here at Texas Tech," Duggan said.

Duggan says they've already met with consultants and are trying to see where new housing will fit in the strategic plan, but at this time, there is no specific plan, no official cost or location set, just a known need.

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