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Consider This... Twitter/Facebook Bring New Responsibility

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech Coach Mike Leach has banned the team from the popular social networking site Twitter because some players were sharing information they shouldn't have. And this issue raises real concerns about these trendy websites.

Consider this; these sites can have real benefit if used properly. In this case however, players were posting inside information about the team. And this is the type of information that could cause undue friction and even put the team at a competitive disadvantage. Not to mention when you are a public figure, and players are, you are always representing the team you serve.  

KCBD NewsChannel 11 recently launched a Facebook fan site. We also have staffers using Twitter for us. We do it to serve you, our viewers. It allows us to be more engaged and to share ideas and news quickly. But we wouldn't release private information about our employees over the air waves, and we sure wouldn't do it on Twitter.

New technology has allowed all of us to become broadcasters of sorts. And, you guessed it, being responsible is the key.  So before you share it, remember everyone can see it.

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