Prairie Dog Relocation Goes Ahead Full Steam - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock


Prairie Dog Relocation Goes Ahead Full Steam

Monday's windy weather turned out to be challenging for removing prairie dogs from the city's land application site. The City of Lubbock has hired Lynda Watson to remove the prairie dogs.

On Monday afternoon Watson demonstrated how she removes them in a humane and safe manner. So far, she has removed about 300 from the farm, but she still needs to remove about 600 to 700 more. The prairie dogs are being relocated to area farms and ranches. The city needs to have them removed because they are burrowing under the city's irrigation system, which poses a threat to Lubbock's water source.

This resolution to relocate the prairie dogs, satisfy's the city's need to get the animals removed, and the pet activist's efforts to save them.

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