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Cleaning Up Movies

Joe and Patrece Marshall run "Cleaned Up Movies" in Lubbock. According to Joe, "Cleaned Up Movies is a rental club where we rent edited movies. The edited movies have had the profanity, nudity, excessive violence and the gore edited out." Here, you can find several of your favorite films minus the cussing, sex and extreme violence. "Saving Private Ryan is still a war movie. You still see bullet wounds. You still see swords used in Braveheart but you won't see excessive violence."

Let's take a look at how it works using the nude portrait scene from Titanic. In this scene, the editor focuses on the actresses face and eye instead of her body. Patrece says, "I know lots of parents, and mothers who said you know it was a wonderful movie. My children loved it but I really did not want that scene in there. This would be a perfect transition for them. It still had romance."

So how does the editing work? Cleaned Up Movies purchases a movie and then ships it off to an editor. The editor cuts out the scenes some may find objectionable and sends it back. Cleaned Up Movies then allows you to purchase a membership to rent the edited version of the film.

The edits don't come without controversy. Some directors argue that their works of art shouldn't be altered. Joe explains, "Their issue is that we are editing their art work, taking their work of art and whittling it down or adulterating their art form. Our position is that we have paid full price, the price they've asked for their work of art. We don't necessarily think some of the stuff they produce is art. It's our copy, the one we've paid for. We take out the stuff we find offensive. The same work of art may be altered or edited when it goes on television or when it is used on airlines or in another country."

The controversy over copyright, trademark and intellectual property is being debated in courtrooms across the nation. But for now, Cleaned Up Movies will continue to edit films for audiences that wouldn't rent the movies otherwise. Mindy Reed, a customer says, "I think renting an edited video from a Christian standpoint is just better because you still like to see the big box office movies without the gore, violence, and the language that's not really important to the plot."

Before renting any movie at Cleaned up Movies, you can check out a comment sheet to see what renters before you have thought of the edited films. Cleaned Up Movies can also edit the videos you already own.

Membership prices to cleaned up movies vary from $26.95 a month for unlimited movies. Or you can rent eight movies a month for $19.95 or you can purchase a $29.00 a year membership. That will allow you to rent as many movies as you like for $3.75.

Cleaned Up Movies is located at 3434 34th Street. You can call (806) 687-6677 for more information or click here .

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