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Transplant leaves Lubbock woman fighting for her life

By Ann Wyatt Little  - bio | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - A young woman's story of survival is a story of inspiration. For the last three years dialysis has been a part of Tiffany Peterson's life. The 22-year-old Lubbock High graduate got the news that she was on the top of the transplant list. A life changing gift she received five months ago left Peterson fighting for her life.

"I ask God how much more can her body endure?" asks Lorine Whatley. After two and a half years of dialysis her daughter who suffers from a kidney disease finally made the top of the transplant list.

"She was a perfect candidate for transplant," says transplant surgeon Dr. David Van Buren. The transplant changed Tiffany Peterson's life. "She developed a complication I had not seen before. It was life threatening," says Dr. Van Buren.  

"Not knowing her heart stopped and had to resuscitate her. That's a day that will stick with me for the rest of my life," says Whatley. The complication was a fungus that was growing inside Tiffany's body.

Since April 2009 Tiffany has had 12 surgeries. For every hour she has been in the operating room her mom has paced the halls at UMC praying for good news. It's faith that keeps Whatley and her daughter fighting.

"I let Him have control of the situation. I know I'm going home," says Peterson. The 22-year-old's fight took an unexpected turn about a month ago. "They said the only way to save her life was to amputate her leg," says Whatley about her daughter's condition.

Dr. Van Buren says it's Tiffany's attitude towards life that keeps her fighting so she can watch her one year old son live his. After four months the machines and tubes are slowly starting to disappear and in a matter of days Tiffany will be discharged from UMC.

Whatley says her daughter is living proof life is precious. "We still got a long way to go. We'll get through it with God's help," says Whatley.

Divine Love Baptist Church will host a benefit concert to honor Tiffany and to help raise money Saturday, October 3rd at 6 p.m. The church is located at 3301 Parkway Drive. Dr. Van Buren says that with time a second kidney transplant surgery is in Tiffany's future.

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