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Tumbling Tumbleweeds = Neighborhood Nuisance

When the wind blows like it has the last few days, so does everything in its path, including one of the Hub City's signature plants -- the tumbleweed. And in certain parts of town, tumbleweeds are taking over the neighborhood.

"There have been times when the tumbleweeds pile up so high in the neighborhood that you can't get down the streets," said Kevin Boyd, a resident of southwest Lubbock.

Kevin Boyd, a resident of southwest Lubbock, says that it's a frustration and a nuisance.

"Last year, it wasn't that bad, but this year, it's been really bad. Anytime the wind gets up over like 20 mph, they just pile up. There's a big pile of them, but every few days, I clean them all up and haul them off, but it's just a never ending battle," Boyd said.

A never ending battle this whole neighborhood is dealing with. The tumbleweeds have found shelter in between houses, up close to fences, and of course, in the alley ways.

"Typically, I guess when the wind blows from the southwest, we see an influx of tumbleweeds come toward our houses because of all the construction taking place, and eventually, they accumulate to the point that some of these rear entry garages, it's like a magnet, they all adhere to each other and you literally have to pick them up one by one to get in and out of your garage door and it becomes a nuisance because it's such a problem," Ramie Quintana, a southwest Lubbock resident said.

Quintana says that on windy days he knows at the end of the day he'll have a yard full of weeds. But the worst part?

"The wind just shifts from different directions that you can pick them up in 10 minutes and 30 minutes later you'll have just as many tumbleweeds as you had when you began," Quintana said.

Residents say they usually haul the tumbleweeds off to an empty field, or throw them in the street hoping they'll blow away. And unfortunately, the city's only role is when a huge pile accumulates in the street or in an alley, but overall, it's up to the property owners to tear these prickly guys down.

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