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High Cost of Gas Equals Cheap Rides on Citibus

The recent high gas prices aren't just hurting your pocketbook. Citibus of Lubbock is paying nearly $9,000 a week for gas.

On Wednesday, Citibus General Manager John Wilson found out his cost for gas jumped 20 cents a gallon. But fortunately, for Wilson and Citibus the news isn't all bad. Wilson says that the high gas prices will produce more bus riders, including some who have never ridden before.

"When you see the price of fuel going up, you tend to have a lot more people calling because they are paying more at the pump. They're saying 'hey, you know there is a cheaper way to get around,' so they park the car and start calling Citibus," said Wilson.

He also said the high gas prices will not result in a fare increase. Experts say the price spike can be attributed to three things: a colder than expected winter, the loss of oil production in Venezuela, and worries about war with Iraq.

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