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Jury Foreman speaks out after Levi King sentence

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The jury foreman from the Levi King trial is speaking out. On Tuesday, a Lubbock jury sentenced 27-year-old King to life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

More than a month ago, King pleaded guilty to three counts of capital murder for killing Brian and Michell Conrad and Michell's 14-year-old son Zach Doan. Because King pleaded guilty he faced either life without parole or the death penalty. On Tuesday after nearly eight hours, the jury of 11 women and one man spared King's life.

But now we hear from one juror who wishes the outcome was different. For more than a month jury foreman Tommy Jones and 11 others sat in a Lubbock courtroom listening to testimony in the Levi King trial, and now that's it over, Jones feels some things need to be said.  "I'm doing this just so the family can understand that there were advocates on that jury for them," said Jones.

Jurors had to be unanimous in order for King to be sentenced to death. After much deliberation, Jones says seven of the jurors felt King deserved the death penalty, so deliberations continued. "If all of you all feel like there is even a slim possibility that you might change your mind and go for the death penalty we'll stay here as long as it takes," said Jones.  

But Jones says there was at least one woman who wouldn't change her vote. "We had one lady that said it didn't make a difference what he saw, what we said, what we did, she would not go for the death penalty," said Jones.

Jones says he believes King did deserved to die, and is still in disbelief that three innocent people were taken so violently. "He did it to take his mind off of his bad life now what kind of freaking excuse is that what kind of reason, hell it's not even an excuse what kind of reason is that. You talk about a selfish monster, that's what he is," said Jones.

Jones says when he knew he was going to vote for death penalty was in closing arguments when the prosecution played the emotional 911 call, from sole survivor then 10-year-old Robin Doan.

King is on his way back to Missouri to serve his life sentences.

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