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Apcoa Audit Brings More Questions to Lubbock City Hall

The City of Lubbock maybe second guessing it's contract with Apcoa. Apcoa is the business in charge of collecting money when travelers leave the parking area at Lubbock International Airport. After an extensive financial audit on Apcoa, it revealed at least two startling facts about Apcoa. First, auditors found that Apcoa was not accurately keeping count of the number of vehicles coming and going from the airport.

"That was not being tracked from looking at their daily reports it was obvious they were making mathematical errors," said James Burdette, Auditor."If you can't track cash, from long and short term parking, and you can't have stability of accurate vehicle counts, that's lost revenue for somebody," said Gary Boren, Lubbock City Councilman.

Second, as a part of the contract, Apcoa promised the city they would provide annual audits. According to Mayor Marc McDougal, that never happened. "Two of those years the staff at the airport sent letters asking for them and they were ignored," said McDougal.

Lubbock Councilman Victor Hernandez asked City Attorney Anita Burgess if that's a breach of contract. She answered, "Yes". "I think anytime you have a contract, you expect that other person to live up to the contract. We have an entity that has not done that so I said, I think that tells you something about that entity and it's a business I prefer not to do business with," said Mayor McDougal.

Burgess said the city has not lost any money. No word when the city council plans to make a final decision about the contract with Apcoa. However, McDougal suggested the city look at possibly having Citibus take over at the airport. He says that would help Citibus collect revenues since they have lost federal funding. That way the city won't have to cut back on bus services in town.

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