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WTMPA Audit Results Put On Hold

How did Lubbock Power and Light front $5.3-million to an area power agency without approval? It looks like the answer to that question will have to wait, for now. On Wednesday the city council decided not to release the WTMPA audit because they want more time to review it.

It focused on the relationship between Lubbock Power & Light and the West Texas Municipal Power Agency. City Manager Bob Cass called for the audit last year when it was discovered that LP&L had loaned WTMPA more than $5-million. It was a transaction that neither Cass nor the city council had approved.

Since the audit began, three city employees have either retired or resigned. Debra Forte retired as Assistant City Manager, Ty Cooke stepped down from his city council position, and just this week, LP&L Director Paul Thompson resigned.

Cass says the full audit will be released to the public by the end of this week.

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