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The Click 'n Stick: Does It Work?

You've probably seen this one on TV. This is the one-handed tape dispenser called the Click 'n Stick. "Have you ever seen a product like this?" asked NewsChannel 11. "No," said Kathy Hill.

The idea behind this is to use one hand. In other words it cuts back on time when you're wrapping a present like this. So let's put it together and see how it works.

First off, the Click 'n Stick didn't come with instructions. So, Kathy and I had trouble figuring out how to thread the tape through the dispenser. Finally, we got it working, but we ran into a little trouble. The Click 'n Stick wasn't doing what it was supposed to. "The whole purpose is to save time and to make it look neater. But it's not," said Kathy.  "See it's scraping the paper," said NewsChannel 11. "It's more hassle to me. I'd rather use my old dispenser," said Kathy.

Next, we decided to see how well the Click 'n Stick worked as a craft maker. I showed Kathy how to draw a picture using the product. "It might be a good product for kids to play around with but as far as doing something serious. No," said Kathy. "So, what would you say, no? It doesn't work?", said NewsChannel 11. "Doesn't work to well and I wouldn't spend 10 dollars on it," said Kathy. The Click 'n Stick isn't worth the money. It doesn't work.

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