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Jury foreman speaks out against judge in King trial

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The Levi King trial wrapped up this week with a surprising verdict of life in prison instead of the death penalty. King admits he gunned down Brian and Michelle Conrad along with 14 year old Zack Doan in 2005. The murders were in Pampa but the trial was moved to Lubbock on a change of venue. 

Jury foreman Tommy Jones was in favor of the death penalty for King and so were six other jurors. Jones says there was one juror who absolutely refused to even consider death no matter what.

While King showed no emotion in the trial, several jurors cried as the verdict was read. Jones is not happy to say the least. He says prosecutor Lynn Switzer did a great job, but says the judge has no heart -- and stacked the cards against her and the victim's families.  Jones quotes the judge speaking in the jury room, "I didn't want to have to deal with the appeals for the rest of my life now how is that for an attitude. He had hoped that it would have been far enough away and so much of an inconvenience that she would be willing to settle for life without parole."

While Jones thought the prosecution did a great job he was highly critical of the defense team, "If we had given him the death penalty he probably could have had a mistrial simply on his inability."

NewsChannel 11 called the defense attorneys and the judge for comment. If we hear back from them we will bring you that update.

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A lone juror deliberating whether a convicted Missouri murderer should die for killing an expectant mother, her son and husband in the Texas Panhandle spared his life.
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