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Girl in India appears to cry blood

By Kristin Beerman | email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This may be disturbing, but you may have seen it already on you tube, it's a medical mystery from the other side of the world that some are calling the "twinkle syndrome".  A 13-year-old girl in India appears to cry blood.  Her name is twinkle and she claims that for two years, she's been bleeding occasionally from the eyes and scalp for no reason.  Just as many you tube viewers found this intriguing, so did Dr. George Buchanan of Children's Medical Center in Dallas.  When he made plans to go to India to check it out, National Geographic asked to go along.

"I had never heard of a child bleeding from her eyes or spontaneously from the scalp and other places," said Dr. George Buchanan, a pediatric hematologist.

Well, Dr. Buchanan spent five days with the teenager, her mother and a hematologist.  He says he saw blood on her just twice and it didn't fit with any bleeding disorder.

Dr. Buchanan said, "In the first case, it was within five minutes we were in her room. That's when she had blood on her scalp that was fresh. The second time, it was half an hour to an hour after the bleeding episode started that we got there. She again stated this happened spontaneously from the eyes and the hands. The hands looked very much like there had been blood just smeared there and dried. We didn't prove that the blood was Twinkle's blood but we proved, it was her blood type, but no one has ever seen her bleeding start spontaneously other than her mother."

So, if you've seen this video and wondered if it could be real, Dr. Buchanan says it is more likely a conspiracy between the mother and child.  He says twinkle may instead have a psychiatric problem called Münchausen Syndrome.  Which is where diseases or injuries are purposely induced or falsified by a patient to gain attention and sympathy and that is a real problem, but it's psychiatric.

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