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Food for Thought Report 2.13

With almost 50 local and county inspections on the list this week, city inspectors had a full plate. We start with this week's schools. There are three in all, and they each had one critical violation.

We begin at HArdwick Elementary at 1440 Chicago.  Inspectors found that three spatulas needed to be replaced.  The report shows the violation was corrected on site. 

Then it's over to Mackenzie Junior High at 5402 West 12th.  Inspectors found that three spatulas and a large cutting knife needed to be replaced, and the inside corner of the ice machine needed to be cleaned.  The report shows everything was corrected on site. 

Finally, at Wolffarth Elementary at 3202 Erskine, inspectors found potentially hazardous ready to eat foods without proper dates.  The report shows the violation was corrected on site.  

Now on to the restaurant side of things.  There are three tops and just one low.  Let's dig in.
In business for 16 years and still going strong.  One Guy from Italy at 1019 University is a Food for Thought Top Performer this week with zero critical violations.  This is the 4th time for this campus-area staple to receive Top Performing Honors, and the guys in charge say they work hard to make sure the perfect scores keep coming in.

"That's my number one thing in the business, keep everything clean, got to be clean A to Z at all times.  Every day," says owner Sal Mazzamuto.

"We have a great crew and we just work hard and it pays off in the end, " says Manager Dario Yocum.

Also on the list with inspection perfection, Glazed Honey Ham at 3424 82nd St. They slice up zero critical violations, making them a Food for Thought Top Performer. 

Rounding out the list of Top Performers is Samburgers at 4447 34th St. getting a perfect score, with zero critical violations.

Our only Low Performer this week is La Malinche Dos inside South Plains Mall at 6002 Slide Road.  That's where four critical violations were found.

  • Chicken being held at 73 degrees after six hours. 
  • Products were found at 47 degrees inside a refrigerator. Cold foods must be held at a minimum of 41 degrees or colder. 
  • The refrigerator itself was holding at a temperature of 47 degrees, not the adequate temperature for cold foods. 
  • A thermometer was not calibrated within two degrees.  The inspector also noted a scoop needed to be used for serving chips. 

We spoke on the phone with an employee at La Malinche who told us a manager was not at the restaurant for comment, and a manager would not be back until the following day.  The inspection report shows three of the critical violations were corrected on site.

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