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Consider This... Armchair Coaches Don't Choose a Quarterback

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Texas Tech Football Coach Mike Leach has an interesting decision this week - who to start at quarterback. And all the would-be coaches are weighing in.

After stepping in for an injured Taylor Potts and saving the game the week before, back-up quarterback Steven Sheffield threw 7 touchdowns and lead Tech to a 52 point win over Kansas State Saturday - pretty impressive for a first career start.

Now Potts is off the injured list and could be ready to go Saturday. What to do? Consider this; count me among the other armchair coaches who think they know what leach should do this Saturday. For what it's worth, and from what I have seen on the field, I think Sheffield has done more than enough to win the job. But the bottom line is it's not up to me.

Coach Leach has way more information and sees way more in every practice. It's fun for us fans to play "coach" especially with these two great quarterbacks, but let's get behind the real coach and his quarterback choice and cheer tech on to victory.

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