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Seasonal-Flu vaccinations in the Lubbock area are scarce

By Tiffany Pelt - email

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Flu vaccinations are hard to come by in the Hub City this year. Local pharmacies and clinics have been running out because of the increase of people wanting flu shots.

"We have done a lot more this year than previous years, so yes there is an increase," said Community Health Center Performance Coordinator Frances Magallanes.

Every Walgreens, CVS, United Pharmacy, and Caprock Pharmacy in the Lubbock area are now all out of the seasonal flu vaccine. Walgreens ran out last Thursday, and will not be receiving any more. CVS, United and Caprock Pharmacies say that they have ordered more, but do not know when or if any shots will arrive.

Local clinics like the Lubbock Community Health Center and its four locations do have the flu vaccine,, but there is a catch. "As a community health center we want to make sure our patients are taken care of first," said Magallanes.

Covenant, University Medical Center, and others are following suit. Their flu shots are only available to existing patients. Covenant is even screening their patients before giving them the shot to make sure high risk groups receives theirs first.

One of the only places in Lubbock that you can just walk-in and get the seasonal flu shot is the City of Lubbock Health Department, but they're going fast. "We have 50-doses for children 3 to 18-years-old. We also have doses for children younger than three years of age and we have a little bit of adult flu," said Public Health Coordinator Beckie Brawley. In the last few days the Lubbock Health Department has been giving 40 to 50 shots a day, and they will not be receiving any more once they run out of their supply.

Most all of the clinics intow say that they will not be able to order any more seasonal flu shots because the pharmaceutical companies are not selling any more of the vaccines have already stopped making them. 

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