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Health care rally in Lubbock

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - Local citizens of the High Plains area are holding a rally in front of Senator Cornyn's Lubbock office.

They are posing the question of whose side he is on in the health care debate. At the rally, participants will release a report detailing the amount of campaign contributions Senator Cornyn has received from insurance and HMO interests during his career.

Senator Cornyn has expressed skepticism about the public option, and has not said he will support it.

"We're here to ask Senator Cornyn whose side he is on in the health care debate: the insurance industry's or his constituents'? We can't risk this opportunity to solve our nation's health care crisis because the insurance industry wants to protect their profits," said Lane Powell, a MoveOn member. "Senator Cornyn, isn't the health of your constituents more important than insurance and HMO campaign donations?"

The rally began at Noon at 1500 Broadway and is part of a national day of action, which will include over 100 rallies in 43 states.

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