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Lubbock Police Officers testify in Taser Lawsuit Trial

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LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - In July of 2006, L.J. McCallan was tased by Lubbock Police Officer Marsh Blackmore during a traffic stop.

A Lubbock jury will decide whether officers had reason to tase McCallan or if he was treated unjustly.

The dash cam video has been shown numerous times to the jury since the trial began Tuesday. You can see, Lubbock Police Officer Marsh Blackmore approaching L.J. McCallan after he was pulled over for a busted taillight. In the video McCallan moves up his car, he testified in court he had no idea Blackmore pulled him over until he was at his door. Blackmore was in an unmarked car with no overhead lights. But according to the dash cam video, his sirens and internal lights were in place.

McCallan testified he did not have time to react to the police officer before he was tased.

You can't hear any audio in the beginning of this video because Blackmore's microphone was turned off. A mistake, McCallan's attorney questions "Would a reasonable officer forget to turn on their microphone?"

The microphone was turned on later, after the tasing occured. "I'm going to need a lot of help on this one. Holy crap," said Blackmore in the video. An assistant police chief testified Blackmore was talked to by supervisors that he always needs to have his microphone on.

Several other Lubbock Police Officers took the stand Wednesday, testifying that Blackmore had reason to tase McCallan, because he was non complaint when being pulled over, he had reason to believe McCallan was drinking and then they say McCallan was resistive.

All police officers that testified agreed Blackmore had reason to tase McCallan.

The jury also heard from the master taser instructor for the LPD. He testified about yearly training required for all officers who carry a taser. Blackmore was trained in this area.

McCallan is seeking medical expenses and punitive damages. Court will resume Thursday at 8:30 a.m.

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Day one of Lubbock taser trial has ended Video included

Day one in a taser lawsuit against the City of Lubbock has ended. In July 2006, L.J. McCallan was pulled over and tased by Lubbock Police Officer Marsh Blackmore during a traffic stop.

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