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Delivering Smiles on Valentine's Day

"It's the biggest day of the year. Mothers you can sometimes put off but not sweethearts," says store owner, Salee Barrick.  "All the people who come before had a little planning but those who came on the 14th are like give it to me now," she says.

Time is ticking for employees at Alante Floral. It's 8 a.m. and these cupids have 12 hours to make sure the arrows hit their mark. First stop is Casey Elementary. "Oh what is this, I cant' believe it! I hope they're from my husband! Let me read the card it says... 'To the love of my life. Love Always Bruce," says flower recipiant and teacher Kathryn McNair.

Next we paid a little visit to Mary Rudolph. "Oh how nice, it's from Don!" As for Linda Wilson, the flowers speak for themselves, "They're so beautiful!" and the card is just icing on the cake. "They're from my boyfriend, Willie," she says.

But don't be fooled, Valentine's Day is not only about boyfriends and roses. It's about letting someone know how much you care. "Oh, Who are they from' let me open the card and see. It's from my dad. He always sends me a plant."

Like Kristen, not everyone received roses. Florists here say they delivered a three foot teddy bear. Another lady got flowers with a beautiful diamond necklace, and a lucky woman received an engagement ring.

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